A great Headshot is a must for your acting or modeling career. Whether you need commercial headshots, theatrical headshots, or you’re just getting started on your headshots we have a package that fits your budget.

I specialize in creating beautiful color, and perfect lighting. The two types of lighting for Headshots is natural light and studio light. Natural light really draws attention to your eyes giving the photo the look that gets noticed. It also makes you appear more natural to casting directors. Studio lighting allows you to feel comfortable in the privacy of the studio with controlled lighting to pop your eyes and facial features.

Another important aspect of your Headshot is your expression. I focus solely on WHO you are and HOW I convey that through your pictures.

The most important part of the Headshot process is feeling comfortable. I work in a very personal environment that insures that you and I are feeling very comfortable together. We begin by talking about your goals for your Headshots. We decide the look and feeling your trying to convey in your Acting Headshots. Then, we select the perfect wardrobe. Next, we begin the hair and makeup if needed. All this preparation creates a relaxed environment that will be communicated through your Headshot.

Remember, a great Headshot is conveyed in your eyes. When you’re feeling confident and relaxed it will come shining through.



Q: Can I reproduce your Photographs?

As the copyright owner I will give you permission to use the images for self-publication, not advertising purposes. My prices are based on self-promotion purposes. If you want to use the images for commercial stuff, for sale products or to advertise a services or product you will need to pay a licensing fee. My advertising clients pay licensing fees for using my images for advertising purposes. My portrait customers pay to hang stuff on the wall. Headshots are somewhere in between not for hanging on the wall but not really commercial so my prices are calculated accordingly.

Q: What is retouching?

Retouching is done in a program called Photoshop. We will be able to remove blemishes, wrinkles, stray hairs, saggy eyes, whiten teeth, and etc.

Q: Do I need a hair and makeup artist?

Some girls are extremely talented at their hair and make-up and because they do it everyday they might feel that make-up is unneeded by a pro. Men usually try to stay away from make-up because they are nervous that the make-up will show and not look natural. Because of these common concerns and viewpoints a lot of people out there don't spring for a hair and make-up artist. I personally find this to me a mistake. Hair and Make-up artists are a very wise investment.

The truth is that cameras pick up everything. If your blush is uneven, if your eye shadow has a sharp line, most people do not have the eye to notice this. A hair and make up artist does. Some of you (men) with flawless skin can get away with out a make-up artist, but ANY discoloration in your skin will need to be touched up in all of your photos. Any shine will need touch up. If your lips drain out of color, that will be "painted" in digitally. Naturally Men don't want to look like they are wearing make-up. Women don't want to be overly or underly done for their casting. But, to not do make-up generally means you will need touch ups. Touch ups can add up to a good deal more money than you think.


Here you can see the importance of hiring a hair and makeup artist.

Q: How many headshots do I need?

Actors need at least one great headshot. However, for a versatile and savvy actor that is a bare minimum. Having different shots for different submissions will greatly increase your changes of being selected for various roles. Think about it like this: a comfortable and casual smiling image will be good for a sitcom but what if you could also play a serial killer or a quirky, introverted geek? It will be helpful to have different headshots to reflect the different roles you can play.

For business professionals 1-2 headshots should be sufficient. It is always a good idea to have variety, depending on your marketing needs. For instance, you may want to use a different headshot for business cards than you do in marketing collateral.

Q: Do I really need to pay someone for headshots? Can’t my friend do my photos?

If your friend is a professional headshot photographer, then sure! But unfortunately no matter how talented you are as an actor or how skilled you are at sales, your headshot is the first thing a potential client or casting director sees. Think of your headshot as the middleman between you and potential jobs. It has to be professional, with the ability to represent you in both a flattering and honest way so that it can open doors for you. Using amateur photos only shows your audience that either you aren’t very serious or you aren’t very experienced. So as tempting as it may be to ask your friend to snap some shots and save some money, it’s more than worth it for your career to invest in a professional.

Q: Will I be able to print the photos myself?

Yes, you will receive printing rights to any retouched images from your session. If you would like a recommendation on where to have reproductions printed, We recommend SPOTLIGHT PRINTING!

Q: Will I really get special attention if I bring Gummy Bears?

Yes, yes, yes, YES! Try me. I like all types of gummy candy!